Follow the steps if not working :-
  1. Check the lights on the router. Hence if the power LED is blinking or showing red, then check the power connection.
  2. If other lights are fluctuating continuously, power cycle your router. Once done, check the cable connections.
  3. Verify that the Ethernet cable you are using is not loose or have worn out. Hence if you have another Ethernet cable, replace it with the one that is currently in use.
  4. Apart from this, make sure you are not typing incorrect login address. The correct login address is or

As well, there are chances that the firmware of your router needs an upgrade. You can upgrade your firmware here – Netgear Router Firmware ( Update.

  1. For web browser-related issues, clear the folder files of cache and cookies. You can also try accessing the login page using another web browser.
  2. Check the internet connectivity on your device. They are no internet connectivity, restart your computer.

Still not working :-

  1. If you are using any proxy servers or VPN on your device, disable them. As well go to Network and sharing center and look for enabled VPN or servers. If there is any, click on disable option.
  2. Sometimes, you get not working error because the pop blocker blocks the re-direction. They should temporarily disable the Pop-up blocker and check does it resolve the error.
  3. Apart from this, clear the DNS cache of the computer via the command prompt. As well open the command prompt program from Windows start button and type ipconfig/flushdns. Hit the enter key and you’re done.
  4. Last but not the least option is to use the IP address of your router instead of As well as the windows users, you can find the router’s IP from the left pane of “Network and Internet” section. The Mac users can check the Network tab under the “system preferences”.